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Moving to London Ontario? Maybe you’ve grown up in London but your looking to make a change. It can be hard to narrow down neighbourhoods when moving, especially if your family situation has changed. We’ve put together a list of neighbourhoods catered for specific ‘must haves’ people are looking for.


New Build Property

London is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. There are a number of neighbourhoods with new build properties coming up all over town. Hyde Park is expanding into Ilderton, Byron is expanding towards Kilworth and Pond Mills is expanding out towards the highway. Not to mention the smaller cities surrounding London (Dorchester, Komoka, Lucan) are exploding with new neighbourhoods. There is no shortage of new build property option sin London, Ontario.


Neighbourhoods for First Time Home Buyers

There are a number of more mature neighbourhoods that have great opportunities for first time home buyers. Old East Village, Arva, White Oaks and While Hills are all areas that have more affordable homes. The properties are a bit older and often come with a decent sized lot. Many of these neighbourhoods are on major bus routes and have a lot of parks and ammenities near by; making it perfect for growing families.

Low Maintenance Properties

If you’re a young couple, single or in the retirement phase of life, you may be thinking about a townhouse or apartment. There are many pockets throughout the city that have a number of low maintenance properties. Downtown might be the best best if you’re looking for newer buildings, minimal outdoor space and would like to live within walking distance of amenities. If greenery is more what you’re looking for there lots of new condos being built in the Sunningdale, Masonville and Byron neighbourhoods. Want to save some money? There are older condos available in the North/ West London, Pond Mills and White oaks area. Many of these are on bus routes, but a vehicle is ideal.

Investment Properties

Due to the post-secondary institutions in London, it is a great city for investment properties. Looking in areas around Western University and Fanshawe College are the ideal neighbourhoods for this. Rental properties also work in other areas of the city, but your target renters might be different. Read my Investment Properties Blog for more on this.

Neighbourhoods with ‘Fixer Uppers’

Looking to make an older property your own? Old East Village, White Hills, and Wortley Village all have great opportunities. Though there are gems throughout the city to flip, these neighbourhoods with older homes have a lot of potential as many haven’t been updated in years. Remember to factor in the costs (and then multiply x2 for delays) when thinking about your budget for these projects.

Neighbourhoods for Families

There are a number of wonderful neighbourhoods in London for young and mature families. Masonville has some of the best schools in the city, along with Oakridge, Lambeth and Wortley Village. Being the ‘Forst City’ there are lots of great parks and trails throughout that families can enjoy. Depending on which stage your family is in I can help direct you to the right area of town.

It can be hard to navigate this market, especially if your family situation is changing. With my years of expereience in the city, I can help guide you to the right areas. Contact me today and I’d be happy to have a chat about what you’re looking for!



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Investment Properties

Real Estate London

With house prices going down, some clients are asking about investment properties. Maybe you sold at the peak and have some extra cash. Maybe you’re downsizing and want to invest for retirement or a child’s education. Either way, an investment property can be a great way to save for your future.

But what makes a good investment property?

Fixer uppers– A large percentage of people investing look at ‘fixer uppers’ to do so. Flipping a property is a great plan, but keep in mind some of the points from our last blog. Taking an older property, renovating it and creating a wonderful home for renters is a great plan for income properties.

Location– With so many students coming into the city of London, there is a lot of opportunity for rental properties. If your child is one of these students, a rental property could be a great option. Your child has somewhere to live (you/ they would be paying rent anyways) and you also have a long term investment. If your plan is to rent to students, pick the location accordingly. Overall think about who you want to rent and where those people would best be suited to live.

House layout– Is the setup of the house ideal for tenants? Do you have multiple communal areas? How many bedrooms /bathrooms are there? Always keep in mind your ideal renter, and if the space will accommodate their needs. Students have very different requirements than families so think about the possibilities of the space.

Amenities– What amenities are nearby that will benefit your ideal buyer? Students would likely look for properties by the school, with a good walking score and a nightlife. Young families might be looking for a garage, grocery stores and playground or schools nearby. Considering what is available to your tenants is key when finding an income location.

It’s also important to note, the city of London just passed a bill that no longer allows short term rentals that are not your permanent residence. Keep this and other bylaws in mind when you’re looking for a place.

Find a potential income property today:

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If you have specific questions I’m happy to help! I have years of expereince with income properties. Give me a call!